Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You know what I hate most!?

Well It’s not really hate, it’s a mere feeling of stomach turning combined with a sense of wondering of how these things came to be loved and admired.

Item #1: Hubble Bubble aka. Argeeleh

I just can’t comprehend how something that is Lethal, malodorous, tasteless, consumed in the most unventilated placed (usually in winter) and not to mention “Haram”, can be “Cool”, people will be killed in their sleep with the word “cool”, most of the stupid things in humanity were adopted and done because they looked/sounded/smelled cool in the beginning.

Item#2: Sabah, also known as Sabbohah and Shahroorah.

Ok, She WAS beautiful (have to admit), she WAS a babe, everybody USED to like her, notice the past tense? Now she IS ugly, now she IS in her 90s (I guess), now her songs ARE classified as Heritage not mainstream!! I wonder when will she recognize this fact and just snap out of it!!

Item#3: Crystal Reports/Business Objects (IT people will know what I’m talking about)

Want to waste your time trying to discover where you went wrong in your report, and in the end you find out that NO, you didn’t do anything wrong its just that CRYSTAL REPORTS HAS A BUG THAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT!!!!?

You want to work with a vendor that when you install its Monthly Hot fixes and Service Packs, everything just goes bazooka!! Even the reports that used to work fine!!

You want a vendor that says “yes that is a well known problem and please do click here and download our special custom made fix”, but when you install it nothing happens and you go through Google groups and find out that there are 7000 pages full of posts by people who had your same experience and saying “I tried what Business Objects said and it DIDN’T WORK!!”

Well be my guest, and use Crystal Reports and please do advise your clients to use it, its very comfy!!

Other than that, I love everything in this wonderful world!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thank you

Thank you Crystal Reports/Business Objects for introducing the real meaning of frustration to my humble life experiences.

Thank you Crystal Reports/Business Objects for helping me decide on the worst technology to use when it comes to reports.

Thank you Crystal Reports/Business Objects for helping me waste 6 hours of my life trying to solve a problem that you have created.

Thank you Crystal Reports/Business Objects for making me know what is the most horrible field of IT.

anyone have a clue?

A new question popped into my mind a couple of weeks ago, and I’m trying to find a good answer for it since then, but it seems I didn’t.

Anyways, does anyone know what the is difference between Ambition and Greediness??
in the end both the ambitious and the greedy want more!!

My theory is that when you’re ambitious, you want to reach more knowing you have the right skills for what you want, greediness on the other hand, is wanting more, but not really sure if you have the right tools for it.

It seems am blabbering a lot these days!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Admitting it at last

warning! this post contains technical information!!

Well, its not admitting, lets just say I now know what i didn't!!

anyways, on the matter of Linux vs Windows fight/debate/discussion, i had an opinion that says, that, "Ok, Windows is great and user friendly, but come on, when you need performance and stability, you should go for linux", and i really believed in that, until TODAY!!

imagine, for testing purposes i wrote a small script to insert 3 million records into couple of tables in an Oracle 9i database, i started the script, and after a couple of minutes, my fellow developers started wondering why the hell is the database so slow!! i explained to them what i'm trying to do (also mentioning that my tables are for different User and a different tablespace/datafile) so they should not be affected, anyways apparently the database engine went bazooka and concentrated on my statements and totally forgot about other users.

i decided to stop whatever i'm doing and delay running the script until after everybody leaves, but still oracle wont let anyone do anything, i tried logging to a management console (sqlplus/inetrprise manager) but no can do sir!! i went to the main "linux suse 10" server and just tried to kill whatever sessions that are consuming the resources. to my surprise, the server went totally nuts and i couldn't event move the mouse correctly, the pointer was jumping all over the screen, windows kept leaping from everywhere and disk IO indicator was ON all the time!! and i couldn't even do anything with the keyboard.

ok this is some serious shit, i couldn’t just push the power button, coz i know that might destroy everything, the database, the hard drive( i know because it happened before ), so i was really afraid!! at the end i found out that i have recent backups, so i took my chances and pressed the power button, and prayed to god everything will still be there after i push it again, fortunately it was! end of story, moral: linux sucks!!

you can understand that the database went nuts, and you can understand it if the server hangs a bit or be slow, but you can never understand the freekishly wierd behaviour of the server!! what if i didn’t have the backups? at least in windows you have the task manager! It is there all the time and will jump into the rescue when a process goes wild.

linux will replace windows, ya right that will happen!! now i cant wait for the full version of Vista!

Darn that is a long post, sorry dudes but i had to let it out of my system!!