Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Admitting it at last

warning! this post contains technical information!!

Well, its not admitting, lets just say I now know what i didn't!!

anyways, on the matter of Linux vs Windows fight/debate/discussion, i had an opinion that says, that, "Ok, Windows is great and user friendly, but come on, when you need performance and stability, you should go for linux", and i really believed in that, until TODAY!!

imagine, for testing purposes i wrote a small script to insert 3 million records into couple of tables in an Oracle 9i database, i started the script, and after a couple of minutes, my fellow developers started wondering why the hell is the database so slow!! i explained to them what i'm trying to do (also mentioning that my tables are for different User and a different tablespace/datafile) so they should not be affected, anyways apparently the database engine went bazooka and concentrated on my statements and totally forgot about other users.

i decided to stop whatever i'm doing and delay running the script until after everybody leaves, but still oracle wont let anyone do anything, i tried logging to a management console (sqlplus/inetrprise manager) but no can do sir!! i went to the main "linux suse 10" server and just tried to kill whatever sessions that are consuming the resources. to my surprise, the server went totally nuts and i couldn't event move the mouse correctly, the pointer was jumping all over the screen, windows kept leaping from everywhere and disk IO indicator was ON all the time!! and i couldn't even do anything with the keyboard.

ok this is some serious shit, i couldn’t just push the power button, coz i know that might destroy everything, the database, the hard drive( i know because it happened before ), so i was really afraid!! at the end i found out that i have recent backups, so i took my chances and pressed the power button, and prayed to god everything will still be there after i push it again, fortunately it was! end of story, moral: linux sucks!!

you can understand that the database went nuts, and you can understand it if the server hangs a bit or be slow, but you can never understand the freekishly wierd behaviour of the server!! what if i didn’t have the backups? at least in windows you have the task manager! It is there all the time and will jump into the rescue when a process goes wild.

linux will replace windows, ya right that will happen!! now i cant wait for the full version of Vista!

Darn that is a long post, sorry dudes but i had to let it out of my system!!


Blogger mozzy said...

It is always the user's fault ;)

This is what a Linux pro would tell you: "You probably had the server not configured well" bla bla bla bla


Linux = Problem

It takes a friggin genuis to properly use it making this operating system useless

h ehe he he

8:50 AM GMT  
Anonymous Rami said...

I told you so.. Thank God you experienced it yourself :)

Linux Sucks, Windows Rules

8:52 AM GMT  
Blogger rare said...

I think I should thank u, linux & windows!
I went home early yesterday due to the slow server :)
I was wondering what was happening to it!

10:47 AM GMT  

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