Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You know what I hate most!?

Well It’s not really hate, it’s a mere feeling of stomach turning combined with a sense of wondering of how these things came to be loved and admired.

Item #1: Hubble Bubble aka. Argeeleh

I just can’t comprehend how something that is Lethal, malodorous, tasteless, consumed in the most unventilated placed (usually in winter) and not to mention “Haram”, can be “Cool”, people will be killed in their sleep with the word “cool”, most of the stupid things in humanity were adopted and done because they looked/sounded/smelled cool in the beginning.

Item#2: Sabah, also known as Sabbohah and Shahroorah.

Ok, She WAS beautiful (have to admit), she WAS a babe, everybody USED to like her, notice the past tense? Now she IS ugly, now she IS in her 90s (I guess), now her songs ARE classified as Heritage not mainstream!! I wonder when will she recognize this fact and just snap out of it!!

Item#3: Crystal Reports/Business Objects (IT people will know what I’m talking about)

Want to waste your time trying to discover where you went wrong in your report, and in the end you find out that NO, you didn’t do anything wrong its just that CRYSTAL REPORTS HAS A BUG THAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT!!!!?

You want to work with a vendor that when you install its Monthly Hot fixes and Service Packs, everything just goes bazooka!! Even the reports that used to work fine!!

You want a vendor that says “yes that is a well known problem and please do click here and download our special custom made fix”, but when you install it nothing happens and you go through Google groups and find out that there are 7000 pages full of posts by people who had your same experience and saying “I tried what Business Objects said and it DIDN’T WORK!!”

Well be my guest, and use Crystal Reports and please do advise your clients to use it, its very comfy!!

Other than that, I love everything in this wonderful world!!


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