Saturday, April 08, 2006


a couple of days ago i read on a certain blog that there is a musical event organized by the JU students( their third annual recital ), the theme was "Andalusian Inspirations", so i thought that would be something intersting!!

anyways, me and couple of friends went there, and frankly i was planning to leave as soon as i realize that i'm listining to a bunch of amatures who mess up the pieces they play.

as soon as the cute host finished welcoming everybody, and the first notes started to play, that thought of leaving just disappeared! "these guys are really not bad" i thought.

piece after piece and note after note, i was astonished to how these students touched me. i might be overreacting but lately i was feeling that i'm somehow of a robot, always working late; wrinting computer programs. these musicians made me feel human again.

chopin, beethoven, de falla and not to mention prof. Hamam. made me go into a strange trance that i have missed. pieces like "Sihr Al Sharq" and the female voice in "Arani Fil Hawa Asmu" though amature abit was out of this world, and of course not to mention the masterful choir in the other two songs.

there were some glitches here and there i have to say, but surely they didn't mess up the mood.

anyways thank you guys, you're simply amazing.
the question is now, where can i get a recorded version of the show? audio or video doesnt matter!


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