Monday, April 10, 2006

office humor!

You know something, I love esense!! (esense by the way is the company that I work for)
Really, the sense of humor shared between all the esensers is rarely found somewhere else, maybe because of our young age; I guess the age average is about 25 or something, though we’re about 60 people in the office.

Anyways, every minute, you can find something to laugh or smile about, whether it was Abdelqader’s Beer mug that he uses to drink “Karkadeh” or other rather queer beverages, or Rami’s quite creative pictures or Amal’s reactions to anything you say. or my favorite; Noor’s ”a wallah”.(all of these has its own story)

What really cracks me up these days is that we came up with a new esenser, it’s the office ghost “7sen”, in reference to Shaweesh 7isen in Adel Imam’s play. It’s amazing how things can easily turn into an “office legend”.

You know most of us work really late, sometimes all night and we need something to add some action to the nightly tasks, 7sen is the perfect companion and he’s really harmless (and was actually acquitted from the charge of printing “catch’em kill’em” on the papers in the printer’s paper tray, that was Rami playing a sick joke on the new esensers!!)

I suggest that we nominate 7sen for the position of “The Esense Mascot”! who’s in favor?