Saturday, April 22, 2006

where are the jordanian talents?

What the hell is going on!!
For the past year and esense is in dire need for Developers, Designers and IT Admins, we want to hire people really badly therefore we didn’t put any complicated conditions for applicants, no experience is needed, no extreme and profound professional knowledge, all we care about is talent and problem solving skills and some really basic knowledge in development and IT in general.

Throughout the past year a total of around 3000 people where interviewed, around 30 people where hired!! Again we didn’t look at the experience, nor did we require extensive professional knowledge - because we will give the employees internal and extensive training courses, all we care about is talent and some basics, so what the hell is going on! Why are the Jordanian graduates so weak?

Examples and excerpts from the interviews, you will love this part:

A guy comes in, very confident, three years of experience, worked on about 17 projects.
esense: you have a comma separated string, how do you separate them?
Interviewee #1: [After a pause]suggests a long and extensive algorithm to it.
esense: ok you’re reinventing the wheel here, isn’t there something ready that might help you do it?
Interviewee #1: No
esense: Sure!!?
Interviewee #1: yes
esense: we’ll call you later! Thank you very much.

*note: there is a ready made function since C language in the 60’s

another guy comes, very sad because development is his soul and he didn’t work for about a year, (he also wrote a book to teach some programming language)
esense: ok, suppose you have a string that contains “Hello Jordan!” how can you retrieve the first Character from that string.
Interviewee #2 : [mmm….] [ehh…], hmmm….
Esense: ok dude, we’ll call you later.

for the position of an IT admin this guy comes in, before he sits down, he takes out and shows the interviewer his MCP, CCNA, MCSE IDs, very confident dude.
Esense: so ok, what is a gateway?
Interviewee #3: something that to give you a place on the server!!?
Esense: whatever that is! Anyways so if I connected two computers together and I didn’t specify a gateway, these two machines will not be able to communicate.
Interviewee #3: off course!
Esense: we’ll contact you within 10 days.

again a developers interview
esense: so what do you know about the windows registry?
Interviewee #4: sorry but I didn’t work on that version of windows before.
Esense: we’ll surely contact you within 10 days.

These are true events that occurred within interviews, I really don’t know the source of the problem. But my theory is that it’s the universities fault somehow, each generation is weaker than the one before.

The quality of professors is getting worse and worse, the concept of “wasta” is still available, students are passing subjects and graduating knowing nothing.

Another part of the problem might lie in the students themselves, they don’t bother learning and working hard to excel, all they want is to know whatever the professor might include in the exams so they can pass with good marks and after that they forget what they’ve studied.
Its really crappy situation; 1% of interviewees are hired. And all we’re asking for are basic knowledge and a mind open for learning


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