Friday, May 12, 2006

Gillet 7aya

Really it’s Gillet 7aya!! For non Arabic speaking people, I’m not sure if there is an exact English translation but it’s a term that means rudeness combined with misbehavior!

What brought that into my mind, is couple of scenes I saw last night, actually I see it around the hour, but yesterday it was just over the top.

On a red traffic light a man with a fancy car, opens the windows and just throws out on the street what it seems to be an empty cigarette pack. With no worry on his mind he just throws it onto the street! While I was thinking of going to him, pick up the empty cigarette pack and just throw in his face and give him a peace of my mind, the traffic lights turns green and he goes.

Another scene, same night, we leave the cinema after watching Mission Impossible III (excellent movie by the way). We go to get some “Shawirma” from Reem, a tradition that we’ve been doing for a while now, anyways standing in front of the crowded place, some guys were finishing their sandwiches, as soon as they finished they throw their sandwich leftovers, paper, plastic bags and don’t know what else on the floor, they get in their car and just drive away, the garbage can was less than 2 meters away from them. True Gillet 7aya.

The scene was so disgusting that some guy and I had to collect the garbage and put it in the really-close bin.

What are people thinking!!? I don’t know how Amman managed to be one of the cleanest capitals in the region and maybe the world, with such mentality and culture that its citizens hold!! We don’t need laws and restrictions to have a better life we just need some culture and respect, not to mention manners.


Anonymous Rami said...

Ah Wallah!

3:20 PM GMT  
Blogger Roba said...

Gillet 7aya 3anjad. Nothing pisses me off more than littering.

3:38 PM GMT  

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