Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Headbanging experience revisited!

I'm back, managed to steal some time from my lengthy tasks and list of TO Dos to gather my thoughts and fulfill the promise I made couple of days ago.

Regarding the rock concert held last Friday, it was bad, really bad for the following reasons:

  1. Unprofessional organization, ticket guy didn’t show up and every body had to be marked with a nice X on his wrist, plus the concert was supposed to start at 4 and started much later.

  2. lack of a good sound engineer made the sound really bad, the mixers and speakers were not well placed, and sound settings were all randomly set (or this is how it sounded).

  3. Stage was really small, and equipment wiring was all over the stage making the musicians trip on them.

  4. The most important issue is that the playing really sucked, I just can’t explain it but it all seemed wrong. And the problem of local bands that they bring anybody and make him/her a vocalist; I’ve never heard a really good vocalist in Jordan except maybe Ivan of Virgin Killer.

  5. Bands stage behavior could be improved, for instance the bassist or guitarist should face the audience not the drummer behind him. The bands and front men/women should have some charisma and should know how to attract the audience’s attention I swear, during the performances people were talking and laughing, they were not following the music at all.

These are some of the things I can remember about the concert, if I remember something else I’ll tell you.

Everything mentioned here could be fixed and really soon, all it needs is some dedication; organizers could work harder to get proper sponsorship, big music stores and musical instrument stores and radio stations are very good candidates.

Bands themselves could work harder and rehearse all day and night for such event, and remember Heavy Metal is music and art not just people dressed in black screaming all over and acting crazy, bands should be real artists who work hard for their music not seeking to jam around and be “cool”.


Anonymous Rami said...

Absolutly right, but I have to disagree with you on some points:

4. Actually, the bands were really good; good guitarists, good drummers, good vocalists. Probably not pro but also not that bad. However, the bad sound systems made the playing sound really annoying. Wrong volume and mixing of sounds can ruin the whole song. Ah, and the best voice is of "Mohannad" of Semitrium, not Ivan :P

5. I have to disagree with you here. We are not talking about a wedding band, it is a rock band! they are supposed to jump all over the place and in all directions. and FYI, the guitarists usually go back to the drummer to catch the beat (you can see this in the video of any metal concert). With the bad sound system that was in the concert, i guess that the bassist should spend his time in front of the drummer trying to find the beat.

Bikaffi :)

4:08 PM GMT  

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