Sunday, May 07, 2006

Headbanging experience...

The other day i went with few friends to some local rock concert, it SUCKED!!
my friend mozzy prepared a huge list of things that were wrong in the concert, instead he realized its not worth it to say anything. the only thing that was OK about the concert is that it was for charity.

i was Headbanging all the time!! yes headbanging my head against a post crying to make them stop!


Blogger rami said...

you know what, do you know why they suck, because even you as a blogger are not promoting them. if you think they suck fine, thats your opinion, but the problem with jordan’s rock/metal scene is that everyone thinks they know better, instead of helping each other out. most big bands suck in the beginning

11:49 AM GMT  
Blogger Electro said...

Possible!! my comments were a bit harsh and negative, soon i will write all the things i thought are wrong.

btw: not all metal bands sucked in the beggining!

11:57 AM GMT  

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