Monday, May 15, 2006

Me Happy..

I'm so happy, new law about smoking in public!
i hate smoking and i'm glad to see that officials are doing something about it.
read the full story here. thumbs up!

but still, we need more culture and manners not laws and restrictions.


Blogger Roba said...

That is quite uplifting. I remain cynical, because the lawmakers here have a tendency to break the laws they make before anyone else.

12:22 PM GMT  
Blogger Electro said...

well true, i still have my doubts on to what extents are they willing to enforce this law. but still, its a remarkable step in the right direction!

12:28 PM GMT  
Anonymous Noor said...

It saddens me to say that I really hope they force such law, come to think about of it, they created it today, they'll forget it next week...

Typical! :(

3:37 PM GMT  
Anonymous Ora said...

You don't know what you missing aslan :P

5:28 AM GMT  
Anonymous Ora said...

You know what I would REALLY like to see... a law that prohibits woman from driving in Jordan!!!


5:21 AM GMT  
Blogger Electro said...

actually i know what i'm missing, its, cancer, heart disease, disgusting smell, and the huge morning coughs. so no thank you i don't want that.

as for the women driving, I agree most of the women here don't know how to drive, but don't you think banning them from driving is a bit extreme, if you want to ban people from driving i suggest starting with taxi and bus drivers! they're far more worse.

5:50 AM GMT  
Anonymous Mariam Ayyash said...

the problem with smoking issue is that there is not scientifically proved yet, so u cant argue with smokers, but i have a different argument, smoking, unlike any other self destructive (or indulging for some) behaviors, crosses to invade the privacy of others, ya3ammi i dont like smoking, so get out of my space when u want to smoke, or invent a head mask to keep the smoke in!
as for driving, i think the ppl whom should really be banned are guys with new girlfriends or fiances! did u see how those drive? my grand mother drives faster on the back of a donkey!

10:26 AM GMT  

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