Saturday, June 24, 2006


And finally I found some time to blog, it’s been ages since I blogged anything becuase the past few weeks were something of a tornado of tasks, deadlines, migration, splitting integration, things that really kept me from blogging and even seeing my parents.
‘nough said!

I’m just gonna comment of some events that happened in the country during the blackout period.

The destruction of Abdoun:
Great, benissimo, excelente!! For me abdoun was always the most obnoxious place in Amman (in addition to Rabieh), because it was full of kids most of the time, mostly uneducated, stupid kids and teenagers with nothing better to do except hangout there and sneak looks at girls walking by (and vice versa for girls). Plus it was always just too crowded.

The Death of Zarqawi:
Good Riddance! Frankly I didn’t believe this guy existed - or at least he was not this (bomb, biglogical, chemical weapon expert) that they claim, anyways this Zarqawi figure encouraged terrorism, discouraged religious tolerance, and was unfortunately looked up to by some members of our society as a leader and inspirer, his death want change that idea in the minds and hearts of those people. But it’s a big moral booster.

The Gang of Four:
MPs who proclaimed Zarqawi as a martyr and a hero, well everybody is entitled to his own opinion, they can say and do whatever they want, and whether really he was a martyr and a hero is something for god to decide. But the small boggle about this issue is that those MPs are respected members of society and people in the regions these guys are from look up to them and respect their opinions, so this changes perspective a bit, so if “Gang” are mislead, in this case they’re also Misleaders, they lead people the wrong direction and give them the wrong idea, and there lies the problem. They should be punished and some large media campaign should be launched to fix the damage.

The Military Parade:
I think for the first time, Jordan (Arab Army) Planned a big parade to showcase his military abilities and his collection of war machinery. It was nice, it was cool, it was great and lots of my relatives went to watch it live. I have just one small comment: are we now a “Dawleh Isti3mariyyeh”!?

That’s it, if I remember something else I’ll keep you posted.