Friday, June 06, 2008

Of Cups and Kilos, and Other Stuff

A wondeful place, looks nice, smells nice, good coffee, and strange pricing strategy..

i remember less than 2 years ago, i used to get my flavoured cappuccino for 1.5 JD, few months later it became 1.8 now its 2.20 JDs, that's about 47% increase, WHY!!?

I understand that the whole world is in a price crisis, and that Food and Oil prices are rising, but 47% increase!!? i mean even Taxi's didn't raise their fare for that amount.

it's a rip off, that's what it is!

3 JDs for a hot chocolate cup!?
3 JDs for a Hommus Sandwich!? c'mon, you gotta be kidding me!!

I'm not a Marketing, Management or Financial dude, but c'mon. they are a local brand that doesnt provide service, official place to sit, no WI-Fi, not even Bathrooms!! and their prices are comparable to Gloria Jean's and Costa which provide all that and more (take a look at Costa's Portions).

you know something, the problem isn't with Cups and Kilos, after all they're a free business that has the right to price their items as they see fit. the problem is with the people, people of Jordan I mean; who became so dependent on commodities and who have developed an extreme consumer culture that they don't mind paying large sums of money for "nice" stuff.

Jordanians don't manufacture anything (compared to what we import), we don't grow our food, we don't have much natural resources, our economy is barely holding, but still our school children have cell phones and drive cars, the poor have sattellite dishes, and our children (even the poor children) quarrel saying "Adidas is much better than Nike" or "Motorolla Cell Phones are crappy". Jordanians still go to commercial cool places and buy commercial nice stuff even if they know they're being ripped off!!

Walla 3eb.

*note: a quote from Al Sheikh Al Sha'rawi on the "Grow your own food thingy":

"طول ما أكلك مش من فاسك، رأيك عمره ما يكون من رأسك"