Monday, July 17, 2006

Gripped ...

As the wise Judas Priest once said:
Gripped by steel claws, corrosion eating us ...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Rage ...

Let’s establish a fact; Israel NEVER needed any provocative acts to murder innocent civilians… sorry did I say murder!? I meant slaughter, or maybe the word butcher is more expressive! On the other hand they themselves provoke humanity with unbelievable atrocities, they steal water from Palestinian water resources, and they threaten the whole region with the Dimona nuclear reactor, which is working 15 years past its planned lifetime. Their soldiers beat up kids, men, women, old people; they insult the Palestinians every day in every mean possible! And hello… they’re occupying Palestine for over 55 years now! They are occupying our land, we are defending it … it’s that simple!

Hezbollah never lied, never backed down, never chickened out! I believe them; I believe they will emerge victorious from this war.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hasha Al Sam'een ...

I criticize too much; I know that, I always talk about how stupid the world is, or how ignorant people are (inluding yours truely)! This time I'm not going to do that, This time I want to point out a certain amazing quality of Arab/Jordanian people, something that makes me smile with content whenever I face it.

Ever had a conversation with some Jordanian fellow who is describing a certain event saying “then I saw –B’eed Ankom- a donkey (AKA. 7mar) …”, this phrase “B’eed Ankom” or its alternatives; “Hasha el Sam’een” or “Ajallakom Allah”, mean the same thing more or less, they are said when someone is talking about something of inferior value, or associated with filth or repulsive beings or items, like footwear or certain animals, these phrases indicate that people listening to the speech are far more dignified than the things in question.
I’m not offended when someone talks about shit my presence but I really appreciate the beautiful effort to dignify the listener in the traditional speech of Arabic people.

Also on this subject are the “Wala ‘Alek Amer” or “Allah la Yheenak”, these are said when someone asks someone to do something for him, like picking up an object, they indicate that the speaker is not intending any kind of “Bossing” the listener, and that he means it as favor not a command. Very nice, I love it.

The other day I was enjoying a long walk near my home, enjoying the nice summer night breeze, when I passed by two gentlemen eating shawirma, I said “Al Salamu ‘Alaikom” and kept walking, to my surprise they invited my to join them, I thanked them and went on my way! I know they were just “saying” that without really meaning it, and maybe it’s a kind of hypocrisy but it gave me a nice welcoming feeling. I loved it.

There are lots of great things in our community, I’m merely scratching a surface…

Monday, July 10, 2006


Benissimo, now after the bitter defeat against Brazil in 1994, the early leaving from the European Cup 1996, and the loss against France in 1998, and again against France in the European Cup final in 2000, and also after the defeat against South Korea in 2002 (go figure!) and the empty handed leaving in the European Cup in 2004, finally ... ITALIA drew a smile on my face and finally gave me a reason to be ecstatic, and dance with joy!!!

The feeling cannot be jotted down into words, simply I want to scream!

Italy won the world cup after 24 years of waiting, to be the first European team to win the world cup 4 times!!


Monday, July 03, 2006


And thus it came to pass, that the fancy charts and complex mathematics that people used to prove Brazil will win the world cup; were proved wrong, there are no predictions, laws and logic with football, no history and no past, just good play and hard work.

France beat Brazil, Portugal beat England and Germany beat Argentina, except for the latter; Candidates were beaten by non-candidates, the only logic that governs football is the simple rule, you play well and work hard you win, other than that you lose. So let’s not grieve over Brazil, they deserved to lose and France deserved to win.

Another thing I wanted to say, is that people are stereotyping, they are so obsessed with the idea of Brazilian samba that they’re not being objective, Brazil didn’t play in a beautiful artistic way for more than 10 years, and maybe they didn’t play their real samba football since the days of Pele!

A relative of mine has the idea planted in his head that the Germans play really rough football, so whenever a German player makes a foul he starts cursing the German playing even if the other team makes bigger and more dangerous fouls, same case with Brazil, when a Brazilian dude does a nice move, people starts clapping saying “look at the Brazilian Samba”, and just mock the other team if they make a cool move. Point is, lets be objective all the time.

By the way I don’t cheer for Brazil nor Germany, I cheer for ITALIA since I was 8 years old, FORZA SQUADRA AZZURA!!!!