Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hasha Al Sam'een ...

I criticize too much; I know that, I always talk about how stupid the world is, or how ignorant people are (inluding yours truely)! This time I'm not going to do that, This time I want to point out a certain amazing quality of Arab/Jordanian people, something that makes me smile with content whenever I face it.

Ever had a conversation with some Jordanian fellow who is describing a certain event saying “then I saw –B’eed Ankom- a donkey (AKA. 7mar) …”, this phrase “B’eed Ankom” or its alternatives; “Hasha el Sam’een” or “Ajallakom Allah”, mean the same thing more or less, they are said when someone is talking about something of inferior value, or associated with filth or repulsive beings or items, like footwear or certain animals, these phrases indicate that people listening to the speech are far more dignified than the things in question.
I’m not offended when someone talks about shit my presence but I really appreciate the beautiful effort to dignify the listener in the traditional speech of Arabic people.

Also on this subject are the “Wala ‘Alek Amer” or “Allah la Yheenak”, these are said when someone asks someone to do something for him, like picking up an object, they indicate that the speaker is not intending any kind of “Bossing” the listener, and that he means it as favor not a command. Very nice, I love it.

The other day I was enjoying a long walk near my home, enjoying the nice summer night breeze, when I passed by two gentlemen eating shawirma, I said “Al Salamu ‘Alaikom” and kept walking, to my surprise they invited my to join them, I thanked them and went on my way! I know they were just “saying” that without really meaning it, and maybe it’s a kind of hypocrisy but it gave me a nice welcoming feeling. I loved it.

There are lots of great things in our community, I’m merely scratching a surface…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wallah nice post.. I like :)

7:08 PM GMT  
Blogger Samer said...

You enjoy hypocrisy! :o

12:24 PM GMT  
Blogger Sanad said...

Nice one man! But, you know, i dont think this should be called hypocrisy. I bet these two guys didn't mind you joining them, I would call it "being nice" or "hospitable"; very nice trait indeed :)

7:45 AM GMT  

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