Monday, July 03, 2006


And thus it came to pass, that the fancy charts and complex mathematics that people used to prove Brazil will win the world cup; were proved wrong, there are no predictions, laws and logic with football, no history and no past, just good play and hard work.

France beat Brazil, Portugal beat England and Germany beat Argentina, except for the latter; Candidates were beaten by non-candidates, the only logic that governs football is the simple rule, you play well and work hard you win, other than that you lose. So let’s not grieve over Brazil, they deserved to lose and France deserved to win.

Another thing I wanted to say, is that people are stereotyping, they are so obsessed with the idea of Brazilian samba that they’re not being objective, Brazil didn’t play in a beautiful artistic way for more than 10 years, and maybe they didn’t play their real samba football since the days of Pele!

A relative of mine has the idea planted in his head that the Germans play really rough football, so whenever a German player makes a foul he starts cursing the German playing even if the other team makes bigger and more dangerous fouls, same case with Brazil, when a Brazilian dude does a nice move, people starts clapping saying “look at the Brazilian Samba”, and just mock the other team if they make a cool move. Point is, lets be objective all the time.

By the way I don’t cheer for Brazil nor Germany, I cheer for ITALIA since I was 8 years old, FORZA SQUADRA AZZURA!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ugh... -.-

I said it, and I say it before!

I'd rather talk about FISH than talkin about football!!

7:33 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

awalan: Argentine rox! teghlatesh :P

thanian: football was NEVER ever about hard work, it was partially luck, and wholy about GOALS. So it doesn't matter which team deserves to win, the one with the goals usually wins, and sometimes that is pure luck! and we have witnessed it many many times before, the better teams walks home

thalithan: Brazil dazzled half of the football nation, I dont think they are all wrong!

rabi3an: objective??? what is the world cup if you dont take sides? like yousef once said: ya rab ettenien yfoozu! :)

akheran: Italy never played well either, yet you take sides... so you too are guilty of what you accused others of, and today when someone hits an italian, thats a foul, when an italian hits someone, he doesnt mean that!!!


4:49 AM GMT  
Blogger electro said...

awalan: it is about hard work, it happened that goals are scored by chance and teams win by luck but that's an exception, millions of matches are played around the world, and maybe few thousand are won by luck, and even with luck u need some work to get the ball to the other goal and keep the other team away from yours.

thaniyan: i don't care if it dazzled the whole world! they suck! or at least they're not what people say they are, not this world cup, not the one before and not the one before.

thalithan, objective doesn't mean not to take sides, but to make fair statements about events, like "Brazil's passing was ineffective, and the defence was loose", or "Ghana played better than Brazil and had more chances on the Brazilian Goal" these are objective statements.

Rabi3an: yes Italy didn't dazzle the world, i never said they did, and never said that they played very well, so contrary to what you may believe i'm not guilty of anything! i just said that i like them, i've taken sides but i didn't make any wrong statement! and when italians make a foul, its a foul!!


6:30 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

la la ma agna3teni

you said: Brazil sucks, add to it: "I personally think..." because ya3ammo jad walla, the football nation does not agree with you...
as for objectivity, thats for sports analysts and commentators, we are just cheerers, for me, everybody sucked, Argentina rocked!

FORZA AZZURI (ya rab ma netfashal)

4:21 PM GMT  

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