Saturday, July 15, 2006

Rage ...

Let’s establish a fact; Israel NEVER needed any provocative acts to murder innocent civilians… sorry did I say murder!? I meant slaughter, or maybe the word butcher is more expressive! On the other hand they themselves provoke humanity with unbelievable atrocities, they steal water from Palestinian water resources, and they threaten the whole region with the Dimona nuclear reactor, which is working 15 years past its planned lifetime. Their soldiers beat up kids, men, women, old people; they insult the Palestinians every day in every mean possible! And hello… they’re occupying Palestine for over 55 years now! They are occupying our land, we are defending it … it’s that simple!

Hezbollah never lied, never backed down, never chickened out! I believe them; I believe they will emerge victorious from this war.


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