Thursday, November 09, 2006


So i'm back from Serbia, not just now, not recently, well i've been here for about
a month now, but for some reason i didn't have the energy to write about my trip.
well now for you misfortune.. I DO!!

simply well it was amazing, new world, new people, different point of views and
different cultures, i know i might sound geeky/nerdy, but i really loved being introduced
to a new culture.

but the best part was the daus i spent in the village, waking up early in the morning,
drinking fresh home made cherry juice and going on a long hike across mountains,
rivers, forests, open fields and really really "UNTOUNCHED" nature, imagine drinking
ice cold water from a river after 4 hours of walk in green mountains and forests.
my god it was amazing.

anyways, it was awesome, here are some photos...

street in my home town

View for the intersection of the Danube and Sava rivers from the Kalemegdan castle

Kalemegdan Castle
Kalemegdan Castle

Pedestrian Street near the Danube


Hotel Moskva in Belgrade

Zlatibor: Directions

In Nis, Monument for liberators

Bubanj:A place where 10 000 civillian hostages from Ni? and south Serbia were being
shot during World War II by German Nazis

Bridge over troubled waters

River in the wood

Field and MountainMy

Home town center at night


Blogger alexei said...

Nice pics.

12:17 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never in my life imagined that Serbia is as beautiful as the pix showed. Looks like u really had a grt time. Glad for u man :)

2:37 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really Nice Shots!

7:31 AM GMT  

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