Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Question!! Have you by any chance spotted the following ad, hideously glued to walls and street signs?

Well I did, and got really suspicious regarding the curious nature of the ad; no company name, no detailed skill requirements no nothing except a cell phone number and relatively large salary in US Dollars!!

So I called the number, pretended I was an unemployed guy and wanted to know what that job was, simply he said: “translators for the American army in Iraq, you’ll work in military bases, it will not included reading or writing, just talking and conversation”…how nice! They need translators who don’t need to read or write, just talk! Why would they require “conversation-only” translators? I’m thinking maybe the guy lied and it’s actually a field job, or they will be used in interrogation rooms!!

So I played on, and asked about the location, he said its in sweifiyyeh, I asked him to be more specific, he said it’s just around the corner from the 6th circle and he’ll pick me up from there!! WTF!!! HELLOOOO!! 3ammo this sounds veeeeery fishi! An agency with no specific name, nor a specific location recruiting young Jordanian to work with an invading force in the most dangerous hot zones in the world! Luring them with few bucks, using stickers in the street not even a simple ad in a respectable newspaper (personally I never saw an ad in any newspaper, if anybody saw anything correct me please), and not to mention the “pick-you-up-with-the-car-from-there” service!!!

Titan Corporation, a translation company (now owned by L-3 Communications) announced that a total of 199 Titan translators have been killed in Iraq and another 491 have been injured. But in the same time in year 2003 they earned around 112.1 million dollars from translation service to the US army!

I refuse to let our youth be exploited this way, to be sent to die while companies make money and US army roots itself more and more in Iraq.

What is that recruiting company!? Who are they? Is it legal what they do? Need an answer…


Blogger Tamara said...

Great post ! thanks for sharing and following through with it, it would have been interesting if went there and actually sow how the interview would go.

I have linked to this post from my blog, since I get more traffic than you do ; p

9:00 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, they have these Ads over here on the Arabic Channels in the US requesting Translators for salaries in the range of 185,000 per year. Let me put that in perspective: that's more than the salary of a Vice president At Google, or Apple or Microsoft. Around 15 times what they're paying in Jordan.
There HAS TO BE something fishy about it ...

5:32 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello there,,,
i'm a new comer for the blogging system,inshalla i'll make one sooon,& hope U 2 join it ;)

باختصار اصبح عمك ابوعرب عبد الدولار ولولا ما اننا اعطيناهم المجال ماوصلنا لهال الحال،شيء مخزي فعلاً!!!!

Anas Q.

11:10 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man haven't you thought of the idea! Using our people's need for money! Personally if I was not pursuing a career I would go! After all no one pays this much with no qualifications whatsoever other than being English literate!
When I saw this AD I was wondering, where is the government from all of this?

12:15 PM GMT  
Blogger electro said...

that's the problem, people are writhing under poverty and unemployment so they would do anything to get out. still is it legal to use our people this way?

7:10 AM GMT  
Blogger Haytham said...

This is really alarming!!!

cheating and blackmailing youth is a nationalistic case have to be stopped, on my side i will tear up all thier ads and i will start my campaign of protection , ya man i am more that thankful to you.

3:36 AM GMT  

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